Our QA team will work with your team - Developers, Business Analysts, Managers, and Stakeholders to gather requirements, build a comprehensive test plan, design test cases, rapidly execute the tests, help remediate defects, and retest until the end-users are satisfied.


The assigned QA will be with the client team from beginning to end, so they have a complete understanding of the project to get it done, and you will always know exactly who you are dealing with.


The same QA Engineers that develop the test cases will also execute them, to avoid misunderstandings and greatly expedite the process.


Our QA experts will determine the current state of the project life cycle, the deadlines, and simply what the client needs and expects from us. After that meeting, the QA Expert will evaluate the information gathered and provide a timely and accurate estimation of effort.


The provided estimation to the client will include the time needed to complete the project testing and the number of resource efforts necessary to hit your targeted date. If everyone is in agreement, we will build a team.


Once the team has established our QA team will create a requirements traceability matrix, which consists of high-level scenarios mapped to functional requirements.


We do have our own standard reports and templates for testing project management.


If clients like reports or templates in a specific manner to follow we need that format or templates to use them for your testing project management.


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