Don't work for your data, make your data work for you.

Cogent is uniquely positioned to deliver holistic solutions, from data collection to visualization and all points in between. We help customers organize and structure data through clear data pipelines to enable them to uncover actionable insights.

Uncover Your Hidden Data

Locate and centralize your data to make it actionable

Solve data problems such as disparate data sources, unreliable and error-prone batched data pipelines, and lack of knowledge about what data you have and what you stand to lose. Remove the barriers blocking you from making data-driven decisions.
Streamline Data Pipelines

Architecture, engineering, and data science in the cloud

We provide our customers with a clear path from data ingestion, through data pipelines, to actionable insights. We understand every organization’s data needs are different, whether it’s real-time monitoring and alerting, data lakes, visualization, data warehousing, analytics, or machine learning.
Democratize Data Analysis

Bring data closer to all your decision makers

Empower teams to leverage all of your data to enhance products, solutions, and decisions. Eliminate reliance on centralized data teams and allow your entire organization to make data-driven decisions through automated workflows.
Fast Track Your Data Journey

Leverage expertise to get there quickly

Cogent's proven accelerators and AWS native tools fast track the automation of your data pipelines. Our team leverages our wide range of expertise across data migration, data engineering, data science, machine learning, and operations to help turn your data into a tool for innovation.


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